Fugitive Feelings

by Cz.K. Sebo

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Here are some songs, I just made for my pleasure. I don't have a real plan with them.
The most songs include some faults.
The lyrics and the vocals of these songs are kind of improvisations, as I caught some brief feelings circling in my chest and laid them suddenly to older guitar themes.
The recordings are full homemade, so the quality and the mastering is not in the desired level.

Thanks to Husztik Dániel for the cover photo!

More songs will be added soon!


released February 12, 2014



all rights reserved


Cz.K. Sebo Budapest, Hungary

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Track Name: Disguise
I trie to fly so high,
that you could find me,
if you want to.

I’m wearing your favourite clothes now,
so please look at me
please look at me.

I am not planning to go now,
so please talk to me
and i’ll tell to you:

This is just a disguise
I am warm inside
I am full of yellowness
’couse i was never enough.

We should go into the mountains
and have a warm house
near the forest.

We should count every trees there
and be together
walking among them.

This is just a disguise
I am warm inside
I am full of yellowness
’couse i was never enough.
Track Name: I Want More
You want to try it, but thay don’t want you
You fall in love, to forget your soul
Life is empty, without a toy you know...

Nothing changes say people. Their lifes aint spreading to the abandoned world. and they think that everything they want is YOU

I found love, now I want more
You are in my arms but you feel more
I can’t be myself anymore…

I’m sorry but I do want more
And i can’t carry, just my soul
Track Name: I've got to Leave Her and Find Another Way (Norbert Kristof cover)
We were alone in our humid forest
Found eachother in the ground

The thousands of trees were our heart
But she wanted to go down, down...

I leave the forest now
You don't need me
Ileave the forest now
You don't want me

I leave the forest now and I go to the high bright sky
I leave the forest now and I go to the high bright sky
Track Name: Midnight story
I was alone that night without permission
Sing a song to a girl that was the mission

I was laying in the river coast without her
Trying to drink whiskey from an empty bottle

Than I glanced her
And than I sang the song to her
And than she kissed me
And I felt the flow so clean

I was singing the song all my way back home
I didn't care about anything at all.
Track Name: Opening
Say everything you want,
its an open gate for You.
Tell those charmy lies,
they placed their eyes to You.

Your darkness in my soul
is just a winter-night-snow;
opening those arms where
Your eyes will be closed.
Track Name: Vakság
Miért nem nézel?
Az utadon a nap kelt fel
Nem láttad már

Miért nem nézted?
Amikor kint a nap legelt?
Track Name: Straight Labyrinth (Pilinszky's poem)
The Straight Labyrinth
(Egyenes labirintus)

What will it be like, this return flight
that only similes can describe,
like sanctuary, altar,
homecoming, handshake, hug,
under the trees, garden feast,
where there is no first and last guest,
what will it be like in the end,
this free-fall on open wings,
this flight into the fiery
focus, the communal nest? - I don’t know,
and yet, if there is something I know,
I know this blazing corridor,
this labyrinth straight as an arrow,
the heavier and heavier,
exhilarating fact of our fall.